MarcEdit 5.0 Refresh (Jan. 13, 2006)

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

How exciting…I hope folks don’t mind the regularity of the updates recently but I’ve been having a great deal of fun lately scrubbing the code and putting the final touches on the application.  Its made for some longer nights this week but I definitely think that its been worth it.I’ll update this message tomorrow morning and can get the formal changelist that I’d written, but I wanted to post a quick note to let folks know that I’ve posted a new update.  The cleaning of code and and filling in places that I’d skipped continues.  This week has been a great week for me, Larry Dixon of the U.S. Library of Congress has been putting MarcEdit’s new UTF-8 conversion function through its paces and has come across a number of places where functionality that should work (i.e., it works fine when using the default editing functions) but doesn’t.  That’s what has spanned this most recent list of updates (six in all).  Here’s a short list of what’s been fixed.  As noted, I’ll provide expanded descriptions tomorrow. 

I’ve dealt with the following issues:1) SRU client — Validation error from resulting file in XML Spy — schema location incorrect when saving records retrieved in MARC21XML.  I’ve corrected the location so this should validate now.

2) When translating from MARCXML to MARC, spacing in the 010 is lost making it incompatible with the pre-2001 LCCNs.  I’ve corrected this…the XSLT file that handles the final conversion has been modified to keep all characters but: characters 10, 13 and 9 (decimal notation). 

3) Change the leader byte 09 from ‘a’ to blank when converting from UTF-8 to MARC-8.  Done.

4) When starting up — receiving the following exception:  Object reference not set to an instance of an object.  Done — I modified the xml config save code so that it will handle these situations where the parent node isn’t present within the config file.  So when the program runs, if the key isn’t available when saving, it will generate it for you. 5) Swapping double ligs for double tildes when records use depricated codepoints.  Done — The current defined encoding worked correctly, but when I added support for the previous encoding format…well, I’d just flipped the values.  Easy to fix.

6) Character conversion tools UTF8 to MARC8 not working correctly:  The file stream was being openned in an incorrect character encoding.  Its what I thought the problem would be since the actual functions themselves (which the Maker and Breaker use) works fine.As always, the program can be downloaded from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe