MarcEdit 5.8 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve posted a new update to MarcEdit.  Lots of changes.  I’ll post some further information on a few changes tomorrow – but in the mean time, here’s the update list:

  1. Bug Fix: Z39.50 — automatic format support when syntax isn’t directly coded as marc, but MARC data is returned (i.e., UNIMARC as an example)
  2. Bug Fix: Z39.50 — batch search would capture multiple records, but the variable reporting the query items that returned multiple items could sometimes be overwritten.
  3. Bug Fix: Field Count — Labels will no longer overlap when users have set system fonts to display above 100%
  4. Behavior Change: Find All Jump List — no longer will it minimize when an item is selected. Now, it will jump to the record, but the list will remain visible.
  5. Bug Fix: Export Tab Delimited — Enlarged the subfield box and enabled additional data to be attached to the subfield
  6. Bug Fix: Export Tab Delimited — when working from a set of loaded settings, only the headers would be printed.
  7. Bug Fix: Z39.50 Batch Search — Gracefully handle exception when error file cannot be created.
  8. Enhancement: Extract/Delete Selected Records — Multiple select
  9. Enhancement: Added find records without Field/Subfield to Edit Shortcuts
  10. Bug Fix: Export Tab Delimited Settings arguments list will clear when loading settings (clearing old items before adding new ones)
  11. Enhancement: Export Tab Delimited Settings — Added Clear Settings option.
  12. Behavior Change: Export Tab Delimited Settings — No longer have to select MARC/no MARC before processing
  13. Bug Fix: lcase option leaving a \ before the replaced text. This is corrected.
  14. Enhancement: MarcEngine loose algorithm wouldn’t ignore Byte Order Marker (BOM) data causing problems with character encodings. This has been updated so that BOM data is ignored and filtered out.
  15. Bug Fix: Delimited Text Translator Constant data would prefix a number before the added data. This has been corrected.
  16. Bug Fix: Delimited Text Translator ability to process Excel 2010 xml files was broken. This has been corrected.
  17. Enhancement: Classify Tool now has the ability to exclude dates from serials and integrated resources
  18. New Tool: MARC SQL Explorer is a new tool designed to provide the ability to import MARC data into a database (or read records from a database). The SQL Explorer supports SQLite and MySQL.
  19. Bug Fix: EAD => MARC XSLT Translation update
  20. Enhancement: Task Automation Editor keeps focus when moving specific tasks up and down the task list.
  21. Enhancement: Task Automation Editor inserts new tasks into the task list next to the nearest selected task.
  22. Enhancement: Task Automation Editor — if a new items is added or deleted and the editor is closed without saving, a prompt will occur.
  23. Enhancement: De-duplication of records between multiple files allowing for the extraction of a file without duplication or just unique records.
  24. Enhancement: Support proxy detection when doing automated updates.
  25. Enhancement: MARCEngine COM update — previously, GetError returned errors associated with the XSLT processing. This function will now return errors for a number of other functions. I’ll continue to update this.