Maybe all libraries do need coffee shops

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Having gone 34 years without being a coffee drinker, I personally never got why people wanted coffee shops in libraries.  But over the last year, my wife and Greenhill Farms, a Kona Coffee Grower in Hawaii, convinced me that not all coffee is bad.  I’m so convinced, that having a morning cup of coffee (black, no sugar – yuck) has become a bit of a habit. 

Well, this morning, I was hanging out in Vancouver, BC killing time before heading to the airport.  Since I didn’t have anything to do, I grabbed my copy of Norman Mailers “The Castle in the Forest” and headed a couple blocks down the road to Tim Horton’s.  There, I grabbed a medium cup of black coffee, and found myself a quite table to just sit and read.  And I have to admit, kicking back, nursing my cup of coffee and enjoying a good book was really appealing.  Without realizing it, I’d spent about an hour and half in my little corner of the coffee shop.  I think I now definitely understand the draw.

Maybe now that I’ve had this break through, I’ll be able to unwrap other mysteries – like why people enjoy watching talk shows and reality TV, who actually liked the show FireFly and why (because as a scify fan, I don’t get it) the infatuation with Dr. Pepper, and why my cats always look like they are plotting to kill me in my sleep. 


One thought on “Maybe all libraries do need coffee shops

  1. That’s why you should never mock other people’s passion – If you have never tried it yourself.

    Imagine discovering in very old age that live Bavarian yodeling is the best thing you’ve ever heard – and realize you’ll never live long enough to know and appreciate it fully. The horror!