MarcEdit 5.8 Update

It’s been about 3 months since the last MarcEdit, so hopefully this one will be worth it.  Over those 3 months, I’ve been working on a few new tools, the biggest enhancement being the RDA Helper.  I’ve included information about that tool at: MarcEdit 5.8: Introducing the RDA Helper.  In addition to the RDA Helper, the following changes have been made:

  • Enhancement: Preference addition – always save (compile to MARC) in UTF8 in the MarcEditor
  • Bug Fix: MARC SQL Explorer – Update to include 00x fields
  • Enhancement: MARC SQL Explorer – Expanded Schema Option
    The Expanded schema option gives users the option to break records into multiple tables to better address data.
  • Enhancement: Added XML to XML conversion to the MarcEdit command-line tool: cmarcedit.exe.  For information on how the command-line tool functions, please see: Using the Command-Line tool
  • New Feature: RDA Helper
    MarcEdit 5.8: Introducing the RDA Helper

      • The RDA Helper is an in development tool that provides the ability to RDA’ize AACR2 records. The function allows users to select from a broad range of RDA field options.
      • RDA Helper includes automatic GMD generation
    • Bug Fix: Edit 006/008 updated to include continuing resources

    You can get the downloads through the automatic update tool or by downloading the data directly from:

    Finally, for those that maybe be early Windows 8 adopters, you will have no problems installing and running MarcEdit 5.8.  It installs and runs like any normal Windows desktop program.


    1. Terry:

      …Tested the RDA Helper and feel the functionality is most effective. I’m assuming that the Helper looks for information in the fixed field when adding the 263 and the existence of the 260 when replacing it with the 264 . Here’s one of my test results:
      LDR 01638nam 2200337 i 4500
      =005 20121014175046.0
      =008 110505s2012\\\\nyu\\\\\\b\\\01|0\eng\\
      =010 \\$a 2011018765
      =020 \\$a9781448855636 (library binding)
      =040 \\$dWiMaMI$erda
      =050 00$aHV6595$b.S48 2012
      =082 00$a364.15$223
      =100 1\$aShattuck, Randy.
      =245 10$aFrequently asked questions about kidnapping and abduction /$cRandy Shattuck, Kristina Lundblad.
      =250 \\$a1st ed.
      =264 \1$aNew York, NY :$bRosen Pub.,$c2012.
      =263 \\$a1111
      =300 \\$a64 p :$bcol. illustrations ;$c17 x 24 centimetres.
      =336 \\$atext$btxt$crdacontent
      =337 \\$aunmediated$bz$2rdamedia
      =338 \\$uvolume$bzu$2rdacarrier
      =380 \\$abibliography
      =490 0\$aFAQ: teen life
      =504 \\$aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
      =505 0\$aWhat are the types of kidnapping and abduction – How do kidnappers operate – What are some ways to stay safe at home – What are some safety tips for being in public places – How can you use the internet safely – What is society doing about abduction.
      =520 8\$aExamines the types of abduction and kidnapping both by family members and strangers and describes how abductors operate. Includes techniques for youth to protect themselves from being potential victims, including steps to take for Internet security.
      =650 $aKidnapping$vJuvenile literature.
      =650 $aAbduction$zUnited States$vJuvenile literature.
      =650 $aCriminal behavior$vJuvenile literature.
      =650 $aMissing children$vJuvenile literature.
      =650 $aKidnapping victims$vJuvenile literature.
      =650 $aCrime prevention$vJuvenile literature.
      =700 1\$aLundblad, Kristina.
      =980 \\$amb
      =999 \\$aRSN01715$i5$j12$mLB$kEN$pBOOK$q2012/02/08$t1

      Also, will there be any efforts to generate fuller elements in the records in future releases of RDA Helper (i.e. replacing “ill.” with “illustrations”). Feel free to contact me with questions, etc.


      Tom Adamich
      Content/Systems Librarian and Metadata Program Manager | Mitinet Library Services
      Tel: 800-824-6272 x5209 / 330-364-4410 – Direct Line | Fax: 608-845-9261
      E-mail: |
      421 S. Nine Mound Road | Verona, WI 53593

    2. Thanks for all your work which will further enhance an extremely useful tool. Is it possible to separate the addition of the 337 and 338 fields, rather than have them lumped together? From our present understanding of RDA we would seldom – perhaps never – add the 337 field, but would want to add the 338

    3. Tom,

      Yes, MarcEdit’s RDA tool looks at the presence of many fixed field and regular fielded data elements while determining if there is enough information to generate a field or not. I’ll be working to enhance this process as I get more feedback. In terms of abbreviations — all defined abbreviations found in the RDA appendixes are in the knowledge-base, but the process used for recognizing them is still a work in progress.


    4. Brian,

      I could. I lumped them mostly because the control data used to generate one of these fields, often times was utilized in conjuction with other data to determine if the secondary field should be placed as well. With that said, checking this option means that the program will evaluate when one or both of these fields should be present. It won’t create both fields just because the option was checked. But separating them wouldn’t be a big deal.


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