MarcEdit RDA Helper Updates

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

So, it’s been about two weeks since I posted the first version of the RDA Helper in MarcEdit and happily, I’ve been getting a good deal of feedback from folks giving it a spin.  From the initial response, it looks like I’ve gotten some things right and have a few things to work on.  So, this weekend, I’ll be making the following adjustments.

  • RDA Helper Enhancement: Abbreviations file has been extracted and made user defined
  • RDA Helper Enhancement: Option to delete GMDs
  • RDA Helper Enhancement: 260$c parsing improvements
  • RDA Helper Enhancement: 260$c punctuation improvements
  • RDA Helper Enhancement: Abbreviation parser update

One of the big changes is that I’m moving the abbreviation knowledge-base out of the code-base and into a user defined file.  This is mainly because I’m finding some folks would like to have more control over what gets expanded – including expanding items that RDA treats as valid abbreviations or symbols.  The second big change is that the program is now going to be looking to assert correct punctuation in a few fields when updates are made to them.  This should hopefully make the processed data look and feel cleaner.

These updates, as well as others, will be pushed out as part of a larger update this weekend.