MarcEdit Main Window Changes

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

As I start thinking about making a version number change to MarcEdit 6 – I’ve been looking at the MarcEdit interface and wanting to start simplifying some of the screens.  I’m starting this process with the Main Window in MarcEdit.  In the previous version of MarcEdit, the main window was made up of multiple panels created for the purpose of providing brief information about the various functions in the application.  My guess is that these are fairly low use panels, so I’m doing away with them and moving a few new items onto the start screen.  The new start screen will look like this:


Folks may notice some immediate differences.  First, the what’s new link has disappeared.  MarcEdit provides a list of changes on each update – so I’ve removed this link.  Secondly, the FAQ bar at the top has been removed to make way for two additional items to the Frequently Used Tools listing.  These new tools, the MARC SQL Explorer and the Delimited Text Translator represent one new tool that I’m hoping that folks will find useful for data analysis and an old tool that I know get’s a lot of use from folks working with a lot of delimited data.  Hopefully these changes will make the front page load a little faster and make that first screen a little less cluttered.  However, if you have strong feels either way, feel free to let me know.