What happened to the wireless revolution

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I’ve a wireless junkie so I’ve been waiting for the so called wireless revolution…always on, always there.  Well, someone must have forgotten to tell most airports.  Generally, I plan my travel arrangements through airports that offer free wireless to passengers simply because I like being able to pass the time doing a little work while I wait.  This is one of the reasons I absolutely LOVE the Portland, Ore. airport.  They’ve had free wireless for a number of years — which definitely makes me want to get to the airport a little bit early.  But then once I leave Portland, reality sets in as it seems like very few airports actually offer their customers free wi-fi.  Denver for example…I’m sitting here waiting for a connecting flight and what do I find…wireless that costs $9.99 for a 24 hour period…great, but I’m only in the airport for about 40 minutes so thanks, but no thanks.

$25 dollars for Wi-Fi at ALA in the convention center…come-on ALA, lets start making sure that Wi-Fi is available at conferences.