MarcEdit 5.8 API Addition: Z3950SearchEx

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

MarcEdit has two COM and .NET API for providing Z39.50 searching – one API provides access to a Single Query and one a batch query: [Z3950Search & BatchZ3950Search].  Both of these options deposit returned data into a file.  However, I’ve been asked if the single search can also provide an array of objects.  COM doesn’t quite work that way when dealing with VBscript, but I have added a new API to provide an array of string objects.  This way, you can enumerate through the results, rather than having to work with data stored in a file.  The new API is called Z3950SearchEx.  Here’s an example:

Dim lobj_Z3950 

Set lobj_Z3950 =createObject("MARCEngine5.Query")
With lobj_Z3950
.Database = "VOYAGER"
.Host = ""
.Port = 7090
.Syntax = "MARC21"
.Start = 0
.Limit = 5
End With

Dim lstring
lstring = lobj_Z3950.Z3950SearchEx("digital", 4)
Set lobj_Z3950 = Nothing

for x=0 to Ubound(lstring)
   msgbox lstring(x)