MarcEdit 5.8 Update posted

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Sorry this one came in late – I had planned on posting this one on Sunday but wasn’t able to get it finished due to an error in the build process.  However, those issues have been resolved and the update has been posted. 

This update includes new feature and a few enhancements:

  1. [New Feature] Direct ILS Integration Component – This is a framework developed to support direct integration with many of the new ILS projects.  At this point, I’ve added support for Koha, but I hope to add others as I can get access to specific API.  If you need information about this new feature, please see the following:
    * MarcEdit Direct ILS Integration Setup [Koha Example]
    * MarcEdit Direct ILS Integration – Searching for data [single and batch] — [Koha Example]
    * Create records [Koha Example]
    * C# Koha API library – code repository
  2. [Enhancement] Delimited Text Translator – Auto generation arguments list – provides a format for auto generating the record creation data.  See:
    * MarcEdit 5.8 Delimited Text Translator – Auto Generate Arguments List
  3. [Enhancement] API Addition – Z3950SearchEx – allows for the return of a Z39.50 Search as an array of objects.  See:
    * MarcEdit 5.8 API Addition- Z3950SearchEx

You can download the latest updating using MarcEdit’s built-in Automatic update tool, or by downloading the new version from: