MarcEdit API Addition: BatchZ3950SearchEx

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In early December 2012, I added a new API to the MarcEdit API that allowed a single Z39.50 Search to provide the results back as an array of Objects (rather than just a big string dump).  You can read more about that at:  I’ve now added the compliment function for the BatchZ39.50 function: BatchZ3950SearchEx.  This function accepts an array of search terms, and will return a multi-dimensional array of results.  You can see an example of the use below.

Dim lobj_Z3950 

Set lobj_Z3950 =createObject("MARCEngine5.Query")
With lobj_Z3950
.Database = "VOYAGER"
.Host = ""
.Port = 7090
.Syntax = "MARC21"
.Start = 0
.Limit = 5
End With

Dim lstring

Dim search_string(2)

search_string(0) = "digital"
search_string(1) = "libraries"

lstring = lobj_Z3950.BatchZ3950SearchEx(search_string, 4)
Set lobj_Z3950 = Nothing

msgbox cstr(Ubound(lstring,1))
for x=0 to Ubound(lstring,1)
   for y=0 to Ubound(lstring(x,1))
      msgbox "Search: " & lstring(x,0) & vbcrlf & lstring(x,1)(y)



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