MarcEdit 5.9 update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

[Please note, it appears that the OSU network is a little wonky right now – so if for some reason you have trouble downloading the update, try again at a later period.  Unfortunately, due to the holidays, the domain will continue to be up and down until after Christmas.]

This MarcEdit update spans a lot of different areas of the program, but largely represents refinements to specific functions.  Also, with the end of the year, I’m taking this opportunity to move the MarcEdit version number from 5.8 to 5.9. 


  • Enhancement: Jump to Record in the Find All now takes you to the search for string in the record – just just the head of the record.
  • Enhancement: Koha Direct Integration: From search you can now download multiple selected records or all records (sorry for the oversight there)
  • Enhancement: Koha Direct Integration: A prompt now occurs on update/create that asks if Item data should be parsed.  By default, the Koha API ignores this information, but if you indicate you want to edit item data, it will make the necessary call.  This function only works in Koha 3.8+ (due to api limitations)
  • Enhancement:  Edit Shortcut/Find Missing Field – I added an option that will allow you to choose the level of granularity when reporting fields missing specific data.  In the past, if you asked for records missing, say, a 650$z – it would return records where the 650 field was missing the $z as well as records missing a 650.  A new option will allow you to scope the search so that it includes all records missing data (as it currently does), or limit the scope so that only records with the specified field present, but missing the specified subfield are counted and displayed.
  • Bug Fix:  MarcEditor – the keyboard shortcut between file and font overlapped, so that was corrected.
  • RDA Helper – Enhancement – phonogram imprint marks found in the 260 will now be moved to the 264 when present.
  • RDA Helper: Bug fix – When removing the GMD from a record, some of the ISBD punctuation could be dropped if trailing the $h directly.  This has been corrected.
  • RDA Helper:  Bug Fix – When creating 336 tags and content should be marked as spoken word, the program was incorrectly printing spoken work.  This has been corrected.
  • RDA Helper: Bug Fix – when creating a 344, correct misspelling of the word analog which would occur under certain conditions.
  • RDA Helper – Bug Fix – Added stereo as an output in the 344$g when 007[4] equals ‘s’.
  • RDA Helper – Bug Fix – When processing 260 fields where the data is in brackets, like [1961, c1960] – some of the punctuation isn’t cleaned up properly.  This is corrected.
  • Bug Fix – When I was simplifying the main screen interface, I had removed access to the tutorials.  I added the link to the tutorials back under the Help Menu entry item in the main Windows.
  • Bug Fix – When generating the tutorials listing, MarcEdit utilizes an XSLT to create the list from a generated XML file.  On newer (after XP) systems, if Internet Explorer was your primary browser, the security settings would often prevent the XSLT transformation from occurring.  I modified the conversion process so this is no longer going to be an issue.
  • Bug Fix:  Add/Delete Field, Add If Present option.  This option was designed so that when selected, the user could conditionally add new fields if specific data was found in a record.  However, an error in the code was preventing this option from functioning as designed.  This has been corrected.
  • Enhancement:  New MarcEdit API – BatchZ3950SearchEx.  Returns results as an array of objects, rather than in a file.  You can read more about it here:
  • Enhancement:  Exposed the validate functionality via the Command-Line.  See:
  • Enhancement:  RDA Helper:  Updated the Abbreviation Replacement algorithm to make it a bit more flexible to deal with the myriad of real-world examples.
  • Enhancement:  RDA Helper:  The abbreviations list is configurable, and an edit link has been added to the RDA Helper to facilitate this process.
  • Bug Fix:  Merge Records:  When processing data, the tool reads identifiers and normalizes them to make it easier when working with ISBN data.  However, there are times when this normalization can cause some issues.  I’ve made a few changes to the process that should prevent these kinds of issues from occurring.

Updates can be downloaded through the automatic updater, or if you need to download the updates directly, from: