MarcEdit 5.9 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve posted a new update that includes the following changes:

1) Bug Fix:  RDA Helper – Corrects the exception that occurs when trying to insert 33x, 38x fields when the highest field in the record is a lower than 329. 

2) Enhancement:  RDA Helper – I added the ability to embed regular expressions into the Abbreviation expansion, and will include 2 as examples with the next update.  This is necessary to deal with items like “v.”  This could expand to volume or volumes depending on the data that follows.  So, I’ve included a regular expression that will evaluate the data prior to “v.” to try and determine what the expansion should look like.  This should give some added flexibility for anyone wanting to augment the substitution list.

3) Behavior Change: RDA Helper – because I’m modifying the substitutions list due to the item above, I need to provide a mechanism to update the codes.  Essentially, I’ve added a routine that will automatically keep the substitution list synchronized with the master list.  However, if you add your own items to the list – they will get overwritten – so I’ve added a notification and save the previous list as a backup so you can move any custom substitutions to the new list.  I don’t anticipate changing the master list often, so this might be good enough.  But I’ll look at other ways of making this process less intrusive in the future.

4) Enhancement: RDA Helper – when generating the 336, I’ve expanded the data elements consulted to help improve the selection of more granular values in the 336$a – specifically for text items.

5) Enhancement:  RDA Helper – I spent a good deal of time last night optimizing how regular expressions are run in the RDA Helper and have seen a good deal of performance gained.

6) Bug Fix: Delimited Text Translator – When using autogenerate, indicators would occasionally be dropped.  This has been corrected.

7) Enhancement:  RDA Helper – MarcEdit will protect data within quotes from substitution.  This makes the assumption that quoted data should be data that has been transcribed from the object.

8) Bug Fix:  RDA Helper – When generating 264s from 260s, the first indicator wasn’t be retained correctly.  This has been corrected. 

9) Bug Fix: RDA Helper – When generating a 264, fields that ended with a hyphen were occasionally having periods added to the end.  This has been corrected.

10) Bug Fix: Find/Find All – I made a change to the jump list that allowed the program to select the text searched for.  Unfortunately, if you are looking for a regular expression, it can expand beyond the select.  This has been corrected.

You can download the program from: