MarcEdit 5.9 Update

I know that there have been a lot of updates lately.  Hopefully, folks haven’t minded.  These updates have largely been due to folks really working out the RDA Helper, which has been nice.  This update is specific to the RDA Helper.

  • Bug Fix: RDA Helper – When attempting to create the 380/1, the program looks for the presence of a 130.  Under rare conditions, the 130 format can cause parsing problems.  This fixes that issue.
  • Bug Fix:  RDA Helper – Incorrectly processes data when the copyright mark is set as {copy}.  This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix:  RDA Helper – after the last fix to correct an error message generated when processing records where the largest field is no longer than 300, the line separating records could be dropped.  This has been corrected.

You can pick up the download from:


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