MarcEdit 5.9 update

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Here’s the final list of updates that I’ve been working on for this weekend:

  1. Enhancement: The MARCEngine will now allow users to embed mnemonics into a UTF8 encoded file and those mnemonics will be expanded into proper UTF8. This means that if you have a UTF8 file, and are working in the MarcEditor, you could enter {aacute} in the record and MarcEdit will expand it when compiling the records into the proper character: á.
  2. Enhancement: Rest the MarcEdit Config Data. Sometimes, folks will find that MarcEdit is having trouble saving configuration data. Generally, this is due to a file corruption. While it doesn’t happen often, when it does – it can be a pain. This option allows you to quickly reset your configuration data.
  3. Enhancement: Delimited Text Translator – when using the Autogenerate option, the program will now automatically ignore the first line of the file it’s processing (the rules line) when converting data to MARC.
  4. Bug Fix: RDA Helper: Updated the 345 field to capture motion picture information related to screen-size and 3D.
  5. Bug Fix: RDA Helper: The GMD autogenerator was creating duplicate entries when processing data that could be both an electronic resource and something else. When this happens, the program defaults to electronic resource.
  6. Bug Fix: Processing Greek UTF8 to Greek 1253 – the stream wasn’t properly outputting the data. This has been corrected. Moving from Greek 1253 to Greek UTF8 wasn’t affected by this issue.
  7. Enhancement: Export Tab Delimited Records – the tool now allows for the Export of fixed field data by position. I.E., add a field less than 10 – the subfield text box changes to position. Format expected is position:length (i.e., 5:1)
  8. Bug Fix: Fixed the typo in the OAIDCtoMARCXML.xsl (which is used in the default oai-dc translation by the OAI harvester).
  9. Bug Fix: Script wizard – fixed a typo in the outputted script.
  10. Enhancement: MARCValidator – added the ability to find incorrect field lengths. Updated some error descriptions to make them more descriptive.
  11. Bug Fix: RDA Helper – in some cases the first indicator in the 260 wasn’t being retained when the data is moved into a 264.
  12. UI Tweaks.
  13. Bug Fix: Corrected Indicator replacement options
  14. Linux/Mac Installs – I’ve made some changes so you can disable the Z39.50 part of the program and simplify installation. I’ll be updating the process/video to document the new method.
  15. Automatic Updater – I’ve made the changes necessary to support the redirections to the new server where marcedit is being hosted.

For a while, I’ll be hosting the MarcEdit files on both my Oregon State web space and the new domain, However, sometime around June, I believe the Oregon State web space will go away.

Direct downloads:

If you run into trouble, let me know.