MarcEdit 5.9 Update Posted

I just posted a new update.  The update includes a major rewrite of the merge algorithm, as well as a few bug fixes and small enhancements.  Here’s the list:

  • Update: Merge Function – this is a rewrite.  The function was rewritten to provide a bit more flexibility, better performance, and a framework for exposing the values used to calculate match points so users can modify weighting if they have specific values that they want to give more importance. 
  • Bug Fix: Find all jump list would report not data found when LDR data was queried.
  • Bug Fix: Jump to record – wouldn’t jump if the record was the last item on a page.
  • Enhancement: Z39.50 – removed the 3 database query limit.  Limit has been bumped up to 250, though at some point, I need to take a look at redoing the interface to make this type of query casting more friendly.
  • Bug Fix: Change Indicator Function – when using two wildcards, the indicators search would report no items found.  This has been corrected.

As always, you can find the new updates at:


  1. Dear Terry, Thanks for the great program. However, when using the swap function it will resulted into multiple entries like this:

    =020 \\$a0521497051 (hbk.)$b0521497051 (hbk.)$b052149785X (pbk.)
    =020 \\$a052149785X (pbk.)$b0521497051 (hbk.)$b052149785X (pbk.)

    from the original data

    =020 \\$a0521497051 (hbk.)
    =020 \\$a052149785X (pbk.)

    Command used is Swap Field Data to copy all Tag 020 subfield a to new Tag 020 subfield b. The function will create multiple subfield b in single tag based on total no of tag 020.

    If there are 20 Tag 020, each of TAFG 020 will have 20 subfield b.

    • So, this is how it should work. I can look at see if I can make some adjustments, but If you need to copy data from one subfield to another within the same field — the swap field function isn’t the correct function to use.


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