Internet Explorer 7 preview

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I figured since I do a bit of web development (though I’ll admit it tends to mostly be backend work), I thought I’d download Microsoft’s new IE 7 preview.  For the most part, it looks pretty good.  Nothing earth shattering or worth switching from your current browser if your happy with it, but I do like some of the new features.  I like how the tab browsing was done.  I’ve never really liked the Firefox implementation — I’ve always been more fond of Opera’s implementation and IE 7 tends to follow that path.  Also, this version actually updated their CS support which was fantastic — though I’ve found that the new support has broken some of the IE hacks that we’ve created over time to deal with differences between the different browsers. 

Anyway, I’m glad Microsoft finally got around to updating this software — it needed it.  Too bad they didn’t sandbox it.  In Vista, IE will be sandboxed and run as a limited user to limit core system exposure — and it will be about time.


I decided to see if IE 7 would break anything in WordPress — well it appears it does.  I haven’t looked at the code yet, but when you submit a new post, it creates multiple topics.  Odd…