MarcEdit 5.9 Update

The new MarcEdit update is out.  This version includes a number of enhancements, mostly around OCLC’s Metadata API.  A word of note, these functions are early days – in that they have been tested under very controlled conditions.  Likewise, the status messages returned by the API are displayed in their raw xml form (I’ll be updating that next) – but I wanted to start making these functions available to users.  So what’s changed:

** Enhancement: MarcEdit integration with OCLC Metadata API – Set Batch Holdings in OCLC. 
** Enhancement: MarcEdit integration with OCLC Metadata API – Batch upload/edit records into WorldCat.
** Enhancement: MarcEdit integration with OCLC Metadata API – Ability to search directly into WorldCat
** Bug Fix: Call number/FAST generation – update corrects an error introduced in the last update
** Bug Fix: UTF8-MARC8 conversion – with very specific Arabic characters, the letters would be translated incorrectly.  This should be corrected.
** Update:  MARCValidator rules file has been updated
** Bug Fix: When click on the jump list, in certain conditions you could get a text not found error.  This has been corrected or suppressed when necessary.
** Enhancement: MarcEdit Integration with OCLC API – New options have been added to the preferences to save user data.

Resources can be downloaded from:

I’ll be writing some notes regarding the OCLC integration components specifically over the next could of days.


  1. Have my keys, and OCLC set me a list of sandbox records, but not sure how to use 5.9 with API. Please point me to some documentation. Thanks!

    • So, if the keys validate and you don’t see the operation enabled, close the program and reopen. The menu refresh event may not have gotten fired or was missed. Closing and reopening will fix that. And I’ll see if there’s something that can be done to make sure the event doesn’t get lost in the future.


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