MarcEdit 5.9 Updates

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I’ve posted a new MarcEdit update.  It corrects the following:

* 5.9.58
** Bug Fix: OCLC Library: In some cases, the library didn’t get updated.  I’ve hard reset the version number to ensure this doesn’t occur.
** Enhancement: OCLC Metadata API — Interface has been made more responsive when searching/downloading/updating records.
** Enhancement: OCLC Metadata API — Response data is being parsed and made available via lists; in future updates, this list will become actionable.
** Enhancement: OCLC Metadata API — Error codes are parsed now and message data from the OCLC service isn’t provided in XML.
** Enhancement: Main Page UI — The 3 column list has been changed to 2.
** Enhancement: Options page UI — Tabs have been moved from top to left.
** Feature Change: Macros have been hidden.  Code will eventually be dropped. 
** Enhancement: New Style sheet included on install — EAD Schema style sheet.  This is work in progress.
** Bug Fix: OCLC Metadata API — Validate routine improved.
** Update: If you run a MarcEdit Plugin – the next time you try to run it, you will be prompted to update.

The update can be found at:



4 thoughts on “MarcEdit 5.9 Updates

  1. With the new update we are getting an error about the oclc_helper.dll plugin needing to be updated. Where can we get the updated version?

    1. Adding the error message we are getting when we try to run the OCLC plugin:
      The MacroInterfaces library found in MarcEdit has been updated. You will need to update this plug-in for it to function correctly.
      Error Message:
      Could not load file or assembly ‘MacroInterfaces, Version=1.0.2915.41696, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1b9ac5a2e71aeaa8’ or one of its dependencies. The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)

      1. Perhaps this is because the MacroInterfaces.dll in the install appears to be version but the program is looking for a different version (1.0.2915.41696)?

        1. ok I figured it out- we just needed to delete the plugins from our profile then add the updated versions through the plugin manager.