Enough with the rain already

By reeset / On / In Family

Living in Oregon, I’m all for a little rain but at the end of January, we’ve gotten almost a foot of rain in Salem.  A lot you say — ha, thank goodness I don’t live in Astoria.  We may get an inch of rain in a day — they get 3 and 70 mile hour winds to boot.  Yikes.


I stand corrected…I checked the official rain measurements at the McNary Airport in Salem, OR.  13.14 inches of rain for the month of January.  Seems we got 1.63 inches yesterday to help push us over the one foot plateau.  Normal for our area is 5 inches, so we are running a bit high.  In fact, our normal rainfall in Oregon for the rain year to this point is 21 inches.  We’ve had 33.75 inches — so its been pretty wet.  The bonus in all this of course, is that the snow levels are simply fantastic — running close to 200% of normal with everyone seemingly getting 6-8 inches of new powder each night.