MarcEdit 5.9 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I had a few free cycles this past weekend, and decided to close a few enhancement requests.  Nothing earth shattering.  Here’s the list:

Version: 5.9.75

  • Enhancement: Swap Field Function — Modified the tool so that when swapping a multiple subfields to a single subfield. I.E., 245ahb to 999a
  • Enhancement: Merge Function — Updated the weighting so that the program does a better job when main titles match, but other data does not. This is by creating a secondary match criteria that uses the presence and match of subsequent data.
  • Enhancement: Merge Function — Updated the tool so that records with multiple titles (due to Romanization or transliteration) can be matched (before, they were often ignored if multiple titles were present).
  • Enhancement: Delete Function — Updated the function so that the Remove if does not match can take a regular expression. This has always been supported in the code, but disabled via the UI for additional testing.
  • Enhancement: MARCSplit Function — padded the numeric values used when generating filenames to allow for better sorting.
  • Enhancement: MARCSplit Function — Before processing, the program will evaluate the destination directory and if split files already exist, will give you the option to preserve the files by incrementing the count of the file naming convention. I.E., if you have a file where the last split file is named msplit00000012.mrc, the program will start the next split operation at msplit00000013.mrc.
  • Enhancement: Add the following streaming functions to the COM:
    • Marc2XML_Stream
    • Add_Field_Stream
    • Delete_Field_Stream

If you have the automatic updates configured – you should be prompted to update the next time you run MarcEdit.  Otherwise, you can download the update from: