MarcEdit 5.9 Update – the birthday edition

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’m happy to report that I finally completed work on the latest MarcEdit update.  This change provides updates specifically to the RDA Helper and MarcEdit’s implementation/interaction with the OCLC WorldCat Metadata API.  The full list of changes can be found below. 

  • RDA Helper: Modified the way that the 260/264 conversion occurs, to bring it more in line with the current practice and examples.  This includes retaining the 264$c and creating a second 264\4 when the program can determine that the data defined in the 260$c is a copyright statement.
  • RDA Helper: Added a qualifier option for the 015/020/024/027.  You can turn this on or off (default is off)
  • RDA Helper: I’ve updated some of the abbreviations
  • RDA Helper: Fixed a bug in the 260/264 processing that didn’t always clean up superficial punctuation during the translation process.
  • OCLC Integration: OCLC Search – I’ve added the ability to search by indexes oclc number, issn, isbn as a single or Boolean search.
  • OCLC Integration: In the configuration area, I’ve added some addition error checking.
  • OCLC Integration: In the configuration and batch records update section, I’ve added an option to Lookup your Holdings Codes.  This will show all your institutions valid holdings codes (something that folks have sometimes had trouble finding).  This makes use of the OCLC Metadata API, specifically the Holdings retrieval code.
  • OCLC Integration:  I’ve added the holdings retrieval code to the OCLC API Library.  This code has been synced to github.
  • OCLC Integration: Local Bibliographic Records Support.  This is what I’m still working on.  The program will allow you, on search, to now choose the option to download a local bib record (rather than the OCLC bib record) if one is available.  This allows users who are using OCLC WMS or have Local Bibliographic Records, the ability to create, update, and delete these records. 
  • OCLC Integration: I’ve added the local bibliographic data records code to the OCLC API Library.  This code has been updated to github.


If you have MarcEdit, you can download the program via the automated update tool, or you can download directly from: