MarcEdit 5.9 Update

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New MarcEdit has been posted.  Here’s the notes:

  • RDA Helper: Enhancement — Added option to determine if the 040$e is added, in accordance with the PCC Hybrid records documentation.
  • RDA Helper: Enhancement — Updated the GMD generation to take into account additional field data in an attempt to account for accompanying data (rather than alternative forms)
  • CDS-ISIS: Enhancement — Updated the process to account for some additional conversion options.  Updated the field remapping.  I.E., changing from 003=>999, 003,999.
  • CDS-ISIS: Bug Fix — When using the advanced option, appending an initial subfield was being dropped.  Fixed.
  • MarcEditor: Enhancement — Added a new Edit function; Remove Empty Fields/Subfields.  This is used to fix errors in a file, where empty fields or subfields are present.

The update is available either via the automatic update or via URL at:


One thought on “MarcEdit 5.9 Update

  1. I think a few additional replacements in the RDA helper might be needed:
    – Convert the cYYYY to the copyright symbol
    – Convert the pYYYY to the phonogram symbol
    – Remove the period after the $c date in the 264 tag
    – Remove the period at the end of the 300 tag

    I think each of these would have to happen as a second pass. I checked out what would happen if they were included in the RDA abbreviations and got a certain amount of garbage as well as good corrections.