Morning commute

By reeset / On / In Cycling

What a morning…two flats, one giant rip in my rear tire…thankfully I wasn’t too far from home and was able to gimp my bike back to my house. What a morning! Actually, one of the flats was my fault. When I changed the first tire, I was in a hurry and simply yanked off the first tire and did a quick debris check and then put the tire back on. However, after pulling out the CO2 and giving the tire a quick inflate, I heard the ominous sound of air escaping — it appears that I missed the large piece of glass sitting under the surface of the tire when flat — but more than exposed when the tire was filled. So, I pulled the tire off again, and then time inspected the tire with my flashlight (A sidenote — some folks bungie cord, orthers ski dive for a little rush…well, I’ve found a much more inexpensive and accessible activity that everyone can enjoy. Try changing a flat, in the dark, on a busy highway, as log trucks flying by. You would think that in my stylish yellow jersey adorned with red flashing lights would make me standout…) and got the tire fixed correctly this time. However, during the inspection I noticed that my rear tire wasn’t going to make it any further — so I limped home.