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As I’ve been putting together a CONTENTdm interface to our EAD records, I’ve been using the NWDA’s website as a template…the idea being that users working within our site could start local and then move out to the regional database and still see a like interface with like functionality.  However, this has meant doing some additional modification to the CONTENTdm file structure.  CONTENTdm’s file structure, by default, utilizes a template-based system.  However, the template-based system is build around a global template structure.  In our own local system, I’ve removed the need for the majority of the global files — but handling the item_viewer, browse and results templates can be a pain since CONTENTdm assumes that the only two template files can be modified directly and really only makes accommedation for two templates.  There are other problems as well — but I’ve found that they can be fairly easily fixed by adding a few lines of code at the top of the file to check for local copies of these template files.  By doing that, I’ve found I can modify just about any template file without having to make any changes to the master template files — which is really what I’m looking for.  Anyway, here’s a look at the revised websites.  Browse by title and you will see a browse template that is not currently available in CONTENTdm, but fills our need.  (OSU CONTENTdm EAD Collection Website).


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