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Latest update has been posted.  The following has been fixed:

  • Bug Fix: Delimited Text Translator — The Edit LDR, Load Template, and AutoGenerate buttons were not responding.  This has been corrected.
  • Bug Fix: MARCCompare — when processing data with improperly formatted mnemonic data, the program doesn’t correctly trap the generated formatting error.
  • Bug Fix: Edit Field Data: When processing control fields by position, the replacement would generate duplicate data.
  • Bug Fix: MARC Tools — the MARC8 and UTF8 conversion checkbox would become grayed out when selecting new functions from the function list.
  • Bug Fix: Task Lists — The Delete Subfield Text task wasn’t respecting the option to delete the entire subfield option.
  • Performance Fix: Re-did the paging code so that for files under 50 MBs, the program utilizes a different, faster method of reading data.  This method utilizes more memory because data processing happens in memory rather than on disk, but this gives a 50 to 75% improvement in speed over the past method.
  • Bug Fix: Classify Tool — when processing dates, if the 008 wasn’t present, the program wouldn’t capture date information from the 260 or 264.
  • Enhancement: Classify Tool — The program now utilizes prefixes within the control number to eliminate false control number matches.
  • Bug Fix: Merge Records Tool — when merging on the 035, the program wasn’t properly normalizing all data for matching.

You can get the update automatically or from the download page at:


6 thoughts on “MarcEdit 6 Update

  1. Hello, How do I turn off auto updates from the XML, or even during installation? We are trying to deploy this software but we need the auto updates feature turned off. Please respond ASAP!


    1. You can’t automatically turn this off. The first time the program is run, the settings page is deployed and the user can uncheck the automated updates option there.

      1. Alright. As a suggestion you should add a switch to the MSI parameters to be able to turn off autoupdates. I know many would be thankful in the future..


        1. Hi — so I’ve tried this in the past, and it doesn’t work. The reason is MarcEdit doesn’t set configuration data prior to the first time a user starts the program. Because the program is multi-user, the application creates copies of the configuration data at run time, so it isn’t set during install.

          With that said, I keep this as a setting users can disable, but honestly, I’d prefer that they don’t. The program gets updated a lot — sometimes to fix problems that are not readily apparent to users until they stumble upon it. The method currently in use was developed in conjunction with a number of academic institutions that manage installs centrally — so we found a solution that they were most comfortable with, and gave them the ability to manage deployment. If this method doesn’t work — it would be better if we could find one that does.


  2. Record too large error (larger than 99,999 bytes). Error Number: -7

    Am fairly certain I’ve exported out whole serial records with tons of items (949 tags) before, but getting this error today off the new version. I don’t doubt that some of them exceed the marc record limit. How can I eliminate or ascertain which of the large ones not to send in the export to MarcEdit, or better, just ignore the 949 holdings data, which I’m really not interested in for the intent of my current project? I know I can strip off the 949s once I get into the edit mode, but it’s stopping me from loading the records in this afternoon. Ideas? — Thanks — not sure if this is new to 6.0 or just something goofy I’ve done.
    — Susan

    1. Hi,

      This has been a part of the program for years…it is just nit likely that you should see records larger than the size limit…specifically from a commercial ils. If your system is exporting records that are too long, this is a problem on their end. Once the data is in MARC, there is little I can do because at that point, the record is invalid and the program would just be guessing regarding fields and their content.