MarcEdit’s MARCNext: JSON Object Viewer

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As I noted in my last post (, I’ll be adding a new area to the MarcEdit application called MARCNext.  This will be used to expose a number of research tools for users interested in working with BibFrame data.  In addition to the BibFrame Testbed, I’ll also be releasing a JSON Object Viewer.  The JSON Object Viewer is a specialized viewer designed to parse JSON text and provide an object visualization of the data.  The idea is that this tool could be utilized to render MARC data translated into Bibframe as JSON for easy reading.  However, I’m sure that there will be other uses as well.  I’ve tried to keep the interface simple.  Essentially, you point the tool at a JSON file and the tool will render the file as objects.  From there, you can search and query the data, view the JSON file in Object or Plain text mode, and ultimately, copy data for use elsewhere. 


Some additional testing needs to be done to make sure the program works well when coming across poorly formed data – but this tool will be a part of the next update.


2 thoughts on “MarcEdit’s MARCNext: JSON Object Viewer

  1. Terry, what I want to be able to do is take slecte records out of the OpenLibrary dump and output them as brief MARC records for input into my ILS. Now, I know nothing about bibframe, but I think if bibframe tools get pulled into MARCedit, then I can learn – the barriers are lowered. I gather that what I want to do with the OL data may be difficult, because they will be in a multi-entity (edition, work, author) format, and I want to merge these into a flat MARc file. Is this something you foresee that MARCEdit will supoprt in the near future?

    1. Cindy,

      Not really — however, if it would be trivial to create a plugin that could be used to translate data from OL in either the JSON or RDF format. The JSON would likely be the easiest if you are looking for brief records most likely.