Code4Lib: Feb. 15 Keynote: 20 minute sessions 1

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Here are some notes from the first set of 20 minute sessions.  There is one session not commented on, Jeff Young’s session on WikiD.  Its an interesting project, but one that I’m having a difficult time summarizing.

(Twenty minute sessions)
ERP Options in the OSS World
Art Rhyno
Primary OpenSource ERP Contenders:

  • GNUe – python-based, still emerging
  • Compiere – java-based, oracle for persistence, recently added sybase.
  • ERP5
  • OFBiz – java-based, support for most transaction-based system.

Why I (Art) likes OFBiz

  • Two primary developers – both with business backgrounds.

Libraries + Acq ~= OFBiz Manufacturing
ERP could enhance acquisitions modules using their rules engines which allow for workflow analysis, acquisitions processing, total cost.
Connecting Everything with unAPI and OPA
Daniel Chudnov

  • Why? What is it?  Jun with tools?

Why unAPI?

  • Easier to mix information
  • Lots of cool web apis
  • Lots of cool mashups with these API
  • But not the library community for some reason
  • Easier to move information around
    • No matter how good your application is, nobody will spend all their time in just it alone.
    • Remix culture is unstoppable.
    • “…out ability to meet users’ needs will be limited by our inability to allow users to create and connect information sources as they see fix?
  • Finding a standard way to copy information out any web application
  • Finding a standard way to paste information into any web application.
  • Just like a desktop copy and page.
  • unAPI: Starting with copy

    • One API for the most basic clipboard copy operation across sites.
    • Co-publishes human interfaces to objects and machine interfaces to the objects themselves.
    • Easy enough for programmers to implement in under an hour.

    What is unAPI?

    • Two page spec (though one will be better)
    • Developed under ROGUE 05 rules
    • Spec revisions due every 30, 60, 90 days
    • Working code wins
    • Final version due in 120 days.

    What is it actually?

    • A URI microformat for identify objects on the webpage.
    • a autodiscovery convention for finding unAPI access points
    • small set of http functions.

    The URI microformat?

    • Simple – maybe in a span (like COINS), but has yet to be decided)

    Why not _____?

    • OAI-PMH: people outside of the library don’t seem to get it.
    • ATOM Publishing protocol: Doesn’t exist in mass.
    • OpenURL/Z39.88:  See OAI-PMH
    • unAPI should be easy to add over any of these.

    What does it look like?

    • based url
    • introspection document
    • format list
    • specific format

    What’s left todo?

    • Do we use HTTP status code 300 (multiple choices)
    • Do we use RFC 2295 alternatives header?
    • What is the response payload format?
    • Should there be default location headers?
  • What should be the introspection format
  • What will the microformat uri be.