Code4Lib: Feb. 17: Final thoughts

By reeset / On / In Digital Libraries, Programming

Just some final thoughts on this conference.  First, IRC…I’ve not spent a whole lot of time playing around on the code4lib IRC channel – but the IRC added a very interesting dynamic to this conference.  In fact, in some cases, the back conversation provided as much information as the presentations.  It was great.  My goal now is to keep on IRC and coming back to the code4lib channel and community. 
Oh, and something that was interesting…since I use Windows, I had to find a free IRC client and the only one that I really could find that was any good was Chatzilla for Firefox.  This got me thinking – I’m wondering how difficult it would be to write a IE IRC plugin so that I can get onto IRC from either browser (I tend to use both, IE 7 and Firefox equally). 
Also, it was great to finally put a face to a number of folks that I’ve chatted with only through email or have been aware of only poriforally.  I guess this is pretty much been my own fault for not being an active part of the code4lib community in the past.  Hopefully, remeding that will help keep me connected with great individuals that I got to meet over the past three days. 
As the final presentation says, code4lib:  code=love, love=code.