MarcEdit 5.0 and COM

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’m looking to release an update to MarcEdit this weekend to include the following:

  1. COM automation objects to the new MARCEngine
  2. zipped version of files needed to run the command-line version of MarcEdit on other platforms

So what’s been the hangup with the COM — well two things.  First, Microsoft has a C# specification on how to create COM objects.  Part of that specification includes the ability to provide functions with optional parameters.  Well, this option appears to only be consumed in VB.NET, not C#.  What a pain.  This means that in some cases, two functions will now exist (Function and FunctionEx) when in some cases, only one existed in the older versions of MarcEdit. 

The other problem, registering these components on others machines.  I’ve got it running just fine on my machine, but I’m trying to come up with a fairly none evasive (i.e., non-GAC) way to register the COM objects.  I have a couple of ideas — so long as they work in testing, I’ll push out the update.