Kenny’s first letter to mom

By reeset / On / In Family

I got this message from my wife today. Apparently, Kenny took it upon himself during his quiet time to write Alyce a note. Here’s the message that she sent to me. Remember, he’s only 4 and wrote this all by himself:

Hi Terry,

This would be under the heading “things that make it all worthwhile.” Kenny
made me a card during his quiet time today.

It says, “i luv yw Frum Kenny”

So cute! It’s going on the fridge.

Hope you’re having a great day. Love you bunches.


I was so impressed that he actually spelled out the words correctly if you spelled phonetically. Plus, I was impressed that he wrote the note for no other reason than he loves his mom. I did a quick scan of the note in case anyone is interested in seeing his handy work. Now if I can just teach him how to write code in PHP. 🙂kennyletter2.jpg