Discovery blasts off with Kenny’s imagination

By reeset / On / In Family

As I’d posted earlier, Kenny (my oldest) has really been looking forward to this launch. He’s been watching all the videos, soaking in the NASA channel and pretty much learning more about shuttle program that I do. Anyway, I had to ride my bike in this morning — so I didn’t get to stay home with Kenny during the launch…so I asked my wife what he thought. Here was the reply:

Kenny did love it. He’s been watching the replays on the Nasa channel.
They’ve been showing all the different camera angles so we’ve been recording that too.

Kenny says, “Launching, blasting and flying into space!”

He joined in on the countdown for the 4-1 part. He didn’t realize at first they were really counting down.

He’s just loving the replays. He thought at first that they were launching more shuttles. And when he looked outside at the moon there was a plane flying by – a big one leaving a trail and he thought for sure it was the shuttle.

He just said, “Mom – they said the ‘Kenny’ space center!”

It sounds like he enjoyed the launch and I’m sure that over the next 12 days, we will be spending a lot of time on the NASA channel seeing what the astronauts are up to at the space station.