MarcEdit 5.0 Update

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MarcEdit 5.0 beta Update

Ok — I’ve posted a new version of MarcEdit.  This update includes the following major changes:

  • Z39.50 changes — I’ve updated the interface in the single search mode.  When clicking edit settings, the program would continually call he click event (frustrating).
  • Z39.50 changes — I’ve modified the master db a bit and made a couple of updates internally to clean up some code and release resources back to the pc faster.
  • MarcEditor: Updated the Harvester to add the date to and from as items saved on search.
  • Verify URL tool:  Updated the XSLT stylesheet and improved the query overall.  As of this point, the timeout per search is set at 3 seconds for the requesting server to send its http headers…however, I’m thinking I’ll make this value customizable.
  • New help file entries in the For Programmers area.  I’ve also posted an online version of the help to:  This makes use of the XMLHTTPRequest object, demonstrating a light-weight xml/xslt interface.
  • COM components…MarcEdit 5.0 now includes access to the COM components.  This will now enable folks to write perl, python, vbscript, etc. script to MarcEdit 5.0’s MARCEngine utilizing the COM interface.

The program can be downloaded from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.  I’m going to be including some vbscripts (as textfiles) for folks to see how the individual functions can be utilized.  In the mean time, I’ll post two example following this post, that show how to use the Making and Breaking function, as well as showing how to use the new Verify Url function.  One more thing, at this point, I’ve only included the MARCEngine in the COM component.  If you’ve looked at the .NET API, you will see that I’ve documentated nearly every ancillary function that’s been made public.  This will eventually be migrated into the COM object.  At this point, I’m just getting the wrappers setup and for the most part, I’ve found the MARCEngine elements are what folks tend to need to use most often.  Finally, I’m working on porting the script wizard at this point and will likely include a wizard that will let you automatically convert scripts written for use with 4.6 to the newer 5.0 syntax.