OSU digital production since Julyish

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Thank goodness for students.  OSU started their Dspace/Digitization program somewhat in earnest this summer.  And a message from our system admin regarding archival disc usage got me wondering how much scanning actually had been done by the students over the past 6-9 months.  Not counting digitized images (of which, there was ~15,000), the Digital Production Unit has processed 668.2 GB of finished data, with an additional 260 GB currently scanned an in the staging area waiting for metadata. 

Thank god for METS — its been a godsend in terms of having a very simple metadata format to capture the structural metadata of these documents.  While we are using a modified version of the spec — I’m so glad that I decided early to at least encode the archives in something (it was the one part of the plan we really hadn’t thought about too much when we started) — because I’ve had to recreate deriviative files a handful of times from the source — and this has made the process much easier to automate.


2 thoughts on “OSU digital production since Julyish

  1. We are beginning to look at DSpace just in terms of long-term digitization storage. Is it too dumb to ask how you get the METS data on the DSpace items?

    I’m still not sure, in terms of archival storage for smaller institutions, that DSpace would not be overkill, or perhaps we do not realize the full potential of it. In terms of archival images, we may just choose to use the full-res storage capabilities of CDM.

  2. Actually, we are not applying the METS data to the information in Dspace. Our Dspace data is stored in DC and then we have a harvester that captures the metadata and then builds a METS record which is then checked in with the archival scans of a document. But we just use Dspace for text documents — PDFs are available via dspace, page scans are archived on our SAN. Images are archived differently because we use CDM as our image delivery platform.