MarcEdit 6 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve posted an update.  The change log is below:

  • Enhancement: Dedup Function: Added support for multiple field evaluation. 
  • Enhancement: Dedup Function: Changed default control number field to 001|019$a
  • Enhancement: Merge Function: Added 019 to the evaluation profile
  • Enhancement: Updated the 001, 010$a, 020$a, 022$a, 035$a process so that it utilizes the same process as the MARC21 process.  This adds multiple field support when handling these individual elements.
  • Optimizations: MARCEngine: character conversion code has been moved into the MARCEngine.
  • Optimizations: Dedup code has been moved into the meedit assembly.
  • Update: JSON View JSON processing assembly has been updated.
  • Update: MARCEngine SAXON dependency has been updated.
  • Behavior Change: MARC Tools UI has been updated to utilize a hybrid of a menu and toolbar.
  • Bug Fix: Windows XP Support has been restored to the installer.

You can pick up the update either using the automated update tool or by going to: