MarcEdit 6 Update

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Changes in this update:

* 6.1.21
** Bug Fix: Conditional Delete - When selecting regular expressions -- there were times when the process wasn't being recognized.
** Enhancement: Conditional Delete - This function use to only work when using the Regular Expression option.  This now works for all options.
** Bug Fix: ValidateISBNs - Process would only process the first subfield.  If the subfield to be processed wasn't the first one, it wouldn't be validated.
** Enhancement: ValidateISSN: Uses mathematical formula to validate ISSNs.
** Bug Fix: Generate Fast Headings (Stand alone tool) -- LDR fields could be deleted.  
** Enhancement: Working to make the global edit functions a little more fault tolerant around record formatting.
** Enhancement: Generate MARC record from URL -- program generates MARC records from Webpages.  If you pass it an LC URL, it will generate data from the MARCXML.

At this point, only the Windows and Linux downloads were updated.  I'll be replacing the Mac download with the first version of the native OSX build the July 4th weekend.  You can get the updates either via the Automated updated tool or from the website at:


2 thoughts on “MarcEdit 6 Update

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve heard this from a few folks. I personally haven’t been able to recreate the problem and the code passes all my tests — but the problem is likely related to a change I made to smooth menu loading in Windows 10. I went back, rolled back the code around menu loading and took a different approach. I’ve passed this on to someone that was experiencing the same issue as you, and it seems to have corrected the problem. So, I’ve updated the downloads.