Validate Headings Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

MarcEdit’s Validate Headings tool is getting a refresh to add a few missing elements.  Two new features are being added to the tool – the ability to automatically correct variants when they are detected, and the ability to automatically generate preliminary authority records for personal (100/700) records. 

The new interface looks like:



Example of a sample generated authority record:

=LDR  00000nz\a2200000o\4500
=008  151016n|\acannaabn\\\\\\\\\\|n\a|d\\\\||
=100  10$aWillson, Meredith,$d1902-
=670  \\$aWillson, Meredith,1902-. $bWhat every young musician should know.

The records are generated directly off the data in the record.  This means that if the heading is coded incorrectly (dates not in the $d, etc.) – then the generated data will be as well, but this is a start.  You’ll notice that the data is coded as being preliminary because these are automated generated, and probably should be evaluated at some point.