MarcEdit Windows/Linux Update Notes

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I’ve posted a new MarcEdit update.  You can get the builds directly from: or using the automated update tool within MarcEdit.  Direct links:

The change log follows:



MarcEdit Windows/Linux ChangeLog: 11/8/2015

MarcEdit Application Changes:
* Updates to the Build New Field Tool
** Code moved into meedit code library (for portability to the mac system)
** Separated options to provide an option to add new field only, add when not present, replace existing fields
** Updated Task Manager signatures — if you use this function in a task, you will need to update the task

* Updates to Linked Data tool
** Added option to select oclc number for work id embedding
** Updated Task Manager signatures
** Updated cmarcedit commandline options

* Edit Indicators
** Removed a blank space as legacy wildcard value.  Wildcards are now strictly “*”

Merge Records Tool
* Updated User defined fields options to allow 776$w to be used (fields used as part of the MARC21 option couldn’t previously be redefined to act as a single match point)

* Results page will print UTF8 characters (always) if present

Validate ISBN/ISSN
* Results page now includes the 001 if present in addition to the record # in the file

* Adding an option so if selected, 880 will be sorted as part of their paired field.

* Added Sorting Preferences
* Added New Options Option, shifting the place where the folder settings are set.

UI Improvements
* Various UI improvements made to better support Windows 10.

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