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I’ve been working hard over the last month an a half trying to complete the process of porting functionality into the OSX version of MarcEdit.  I’ve completed the vast majority of this work, in addition to bringing in a number of other changes.  These changes will be made available as part of the 1/3/2016 update.  The changes in this update will be as follows:

  • Bug Fix: RDA Helper — 260/264 changes were sometimes not happening when running across specific 260$c formatting.
  • Bug Fix: MARCValidator: Validator was crashing when records would go beyond 150,000 bytes.  This has been corrected.
  • Bug Fix: Build Links Tool — MESH headings were utilizing older syntax and occasionally missing values.
  • Bug Fix: Validation Headings tool: When checking Automatically Correct variants, the embed URIs tool is automatically selected.  This has been corrected.
  • Bug Fix: Edit XML Functions: The modify option, the save button was turned on.  This has been corrected.
  • Enhancement: Build Links: Build links tool use to use the opensearch api in the resolution.  This was changed to be like the validate headings tool and provide more consistent linking.
  • Enhancement: Most of MarcEdit’s preferences have been exposed.
  • Enhancement: Build Links Tool – I’ve added profiles for a wide range of vocabularies being tested by the PCC Linked Data task force.  These are available.
  • Enhancement: Build Links Tool — Profiled services are found under a link.
  • Enhancement: Build Links Tool — Task management options have been added for the new validate options.
  • Enhancement: MarcEditor: Generate Cutters: LC cutter generation has been updated.
  • Enhancement: MarcEditor: Generate Sanborn Cutters: Added function to generate Sanborn Table 3 Cutters.
  • Enhancement: ILS Framework — MarcEdit’s ILS framework options were added.
  • Enhancement: Koha Integration: Koha Integration options were added to the tool.

This doesn’t complete the function migration, but its close.  These changes will be part of the 1/3/2016 update.  I’ll be working to add a few YouTube videos to document new functions.  Let me know if you have questions.

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