MarcEdit Mac: New Preferences

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

One of the parts of the MarcEdit Mac port that has been lagging has been the ability to manage a number of the preferences that MarcEdit utilizes when running the program.  Originally, I exposed the preferences for the MARCEngine and the Updates.  As part of the next update, I’ve included options to handle preference settings for the MarcEditor, the Locations, the miscellaneous settings, and the ILS Integration.  The set still isn’t as robust as the Windows/Linux version — but part of that is because some of the options are not applicable; though more likely, they just weren’t part of the list that were most commonly asked for.  I’ll be working on adding the remainder through Jan.

MarcEditor Preferences:

MarcEditor Mac Preferences


Mac Locations Preferences

Other Settings:

Other Mac Preferences

ILS Integration:

ILS Mac Integrations