MarcEdit: Build Links Data tool enhancements

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve been working with the PCC Linked Data in MARC Task Group over the past couple of months, and as part of this process, I’ve been working on expanding the values that can be recognized by the Linking tool in MarcEdit.  As those that have used it might remember, MarcEdit’s linking tool showed up about a year and a half ago, and leverages, MESH, and VIAF (primarily).  As part of this process with the PCC – a number of new vocabularies and fields have been added to the tools capacity.  This also has meant created profiles for linking data in both bibliographic and authority data. 

The big changes come in the range of indexes now supported by the tool (if defined within the record).  At this point, the following vocabularies are profiled for use:

  1. NAF
  2. LCSH
  3. LCSH Children
  4. MESH
  5. ULAN
  6. AAT
  7. LCGFT
  9. LCMPT
  10. LCDGT
  11. TGM
  12. LCMPT
  13. LCDGT
  14. RDA Vocabularies

The data profiled has also expanded beyond just 1xx, 6xx, and 7xx data to include 3xx data and data unique to the authority data.

This has required changing the interface slightly:


But I believe that I have the bugs worked out.  This function will be changing often over the next month or so as the PCC utilizes this and other tools while piloting a variety of methods for embedding linked data into MARC records and considering the implications.  As such, I’ll be adding to the list of profiled data over the coming month – however, if you use a specific vocabulary and don’t see it in the list – let me know.  As long as the resource provides a set of APIs (it cannot be a data down – that doesn’t work for client applications – at this point, the profiled resources would require users to download almost 12 GB of data almost monthly if I went that route) that can support a high volume of queries.

Questions…let me know.