MarcEdit Mid-week update

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Yesterday, I had someone indicate that there was a problem with the Add/Delete Field function.  An update in the last version to allow for deduplication deletions based on subfields tripped other deletions.  This was definitely problematic.  This has been corrected, in addition to a couple other changes.

Change log:


  • Bug Fix: Add/Delete Field: I introduced an element into the Delete function to allow dedup deletions to happen at the subfield level. This tripped non-dedup deletions. This has been corrected.
  • Update: Build New Links: FAST headings in the 600,611,630 weren’t being processed. I’ve updated the rules file appropriately.
  • Update: RDA Helper Abbrevs File: Add S.L. abbreviation.
  • Bug Fix: Validate Headings: The Check A only when subject checking wasn’t honoring that option. This is corrected.

Changes can be found on the downloads page:



2 thoughts on “MarcEdit Mid-week update

  1. The March update broke MarcEdit for me on my icky Windows 7 work computer. Tried un and reinstalling it a couple times, but with the same results. After clicking the icon, the arrow/hourglass pointer appears, and stays for a good ten minutes with no other changes. By that point, if other programs are open they’ll start freezing. Even with all other programs closed prior and during the grind, the computer then freezes up to the point of physically shutting down and restarting. MarcEdit worked wonderfully prior to the update, and I hope to have it working again in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll try the archived download of version 5, and see if that behaves better.

    1. Can you look in the window’s log to see if there is something being logged because there wasn’t anything in the program update that would have impacted startup time or program runtime in the way you have described. Since this isn’t something I can recreate in my testing suite or in my various VMs — there is no way for me to try and see if this is a problem introduced in the program, or an issue potentially with your .NET framework install (which is different between the 5x series and the 6.x series).