MarcEdit Bug Fix Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve posted a new update for all versions of MarcEdit this afternoon.  Last night, when I posted the new update, I introduced a bug into the RDA Helper that rendered it basically unusable.  When adding functionality to the tool to enable support for abbreviations at a subfield level, I introduced a problem that removed the subfield codes from fields where abbreviations would take place.

So what does this bug look like?  When processing data, a set field that would look like this:
=300  \\$a1 vol $b ill.

would be replaced to look like:
=300  \\a1 volume b illustrations

As one case see, the delimiter symbol “$” has been removed.  This occurred in all fields where data abbreviations were occurring.  This has been corrected with this update.

You can get the update from the downloads page: or via the automated update tool.