MarcEdit: Running Tasks via the command-line

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

MarcEdit’s task list functionality has made doing repetitive tasks in MarcEdit a fairly simple process.  But one limitation has always been that the tasks must be run from within MarcEdit.  Well, that limitation has been lifted.  As of the last update, a new option has been added to the command-line tool: –task.  When run with a path to a task to run, MarcEdit will preform the task from the command-line. 

Here’s an example of a command:

cmarcedit.exe -s “C:\Users\rees\Desktop\withcallnumbers.mrk” -d “C:\Users\rees\Desktop\remote_task.mrk” -task “C:\Users\rees\AppData\Roaming\marcedit\macros\tasksfile-2016_06_17_190213223.txt”

This functionality is only available in the Windows and Linux version of the application.