MarcEdit Update: Windows/Linux

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The past 3 weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of work on MarcEdit.  These initial changes impact just the windows and linux version of MarcEdit.  I’ll be taking some time tomorrow and Wed. to update the Mac version.  The current changes are as follows:

* Enhancement: Language files have been updated
* Enhancement: Command-line tool: -task option added to support tasks being run via the command-line.
* Enhancement: Command-line tool: -clean and -validate options updated to support structure validation.
* Enhancement: Alma integration: Updating version numbers and cleaned up some windowing in the initial release.
* Enhancement: Small update to the validation rules file.
* Enhancement: Update to the linked data rules file around music headings processing.
* Enhancement: Linked Data Platform: collections information has been moved into the configuration file.  This will allow local indexes to be added so long as they support a json return.
* Enhancement: Merge Records — 001 matching now looks at the 035 and included oclc numbers by default.
* Enhancement: MarcEngine: Updated the engine to accommodate invalid data in the ldr.
* Enhancement: MARC SQL Explorer — added an option to allow mysql database to be created as UTF8.
* Enhancement: Handful of odd UI changes.

You can get the update from the downloads page ( or via the automated update tools.


One thought on “MarcEdit Update: Windows/Linux

  1. I’m getting a stack trace error when I merge records matching on the 035$a and again on matching 001. Did I do something wrong on my end?
    “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Source: meedit60
    Stack Trace: at meetit60.DedupMerge.Merge_Marc21_Records….”