2015 MarcEdit usage

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I’ve been putting together some information to help a few non-catalogers understand what MarcEdit is an how much it get’s used around the world.  Couple of fun stats for 2015 based only on usage information from users that make use of the automated update tool.

2015 Usage Information:

  • ~3 million unique program executions (times the program checked for an update [was started])
  • 192 unique countries/political regions
  • ~18,000 unique/active users
  • around 105 print/online citations in 2015 related to MarcEdit (combination of Google Scholar, WOS data – though, this wasn’t rigorously scrubbed for dups)

Where is MarcEdit used?


Each of these points (saved the couple in the US where Google got a little confused with Georgia, Jersey, etc.), represents an individual country with users working with MarcEdit.  In 2015, the US represented ~55 percent of the unique usage.  That means that 45% of the MarcEdit community is outside of the United States.


2 thoughts on “2015 MarcEdit usage

  1. Hi Terry,

    Thanks so much for MARCedit, it’s a crucial tool for any cataloguer.

    I think there will be many users like myself you can’t enable automatic update because of IT Dept. restrictions, so there are probably many more users than you estimate above.

    Cheers, Graham