Note on Automatic Updates

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Please note, MarcEdit’s Automated update tool will notify you of the update, but you will need to manually download the file from:  My web host, Bluehost, has made a change to their server configuration that makes no sense, but ultimately, dumps traffic sent from non-web browsers (connections without a user-agent).  Right now, users will get this message when they attempt to download using the automatic update:


I can accommodate the requirements that they have setup now, but it will mean that users will need to do manual downloads for the current update posted 9/27/2016 and the subsequent update — which I’ll try to get out tonight or tomorrow.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but after spending 8 hours yesterday and today wrangling with them and trying to explain what this breaks (because I have some personal tools that this change affects), I’m just not getting anywhere.  Maybe something will magically change, maybe not — but for now I’ll be rewriting the update process to try and protect from these kinds of unannounced changes in the future.

So again, you’ll want to download MarcEdit from since the automatic update download connection is currently being dumped by my web host.