Weekend at the beach

By reeset / On / In Family

We spent the weekend with my wife’s family at Cape Mears — near Tillamook, OR. It was a pretty good time. The house was on a lake which was about a 1/4 mile from the ocean so we spent quite a bit of time playing in the water. Nathan is a little water boy. He spent the first day keeping everyone busy — as my little escape artist kept making a break for the water over and over again. I ended up taking him into the ocean with me and he came out a happy camper — but cold. He ended up wearing my shirt home

It was a great time — the last day, Nathan got me up at 7 AM so I took the kids that were awake to the beach to look at the tide pools. After we got back to the house, the kids that missed it in the morning wanted a chance to go, so I took a second group out. The second trip was a bit much for Nathan — just a little too tuckered out.

Finally, now that we are home, Nathan has been up to his old trips, hiding under the furnature and playing with his trucks. 🙂