MarcEdit Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I posted an update to the Linux and Windows versions of MarcEdit.  I had hoped to finish work on the Mac as well, but I have, I would guess, about 5 hours of interface work to finish before that is completed and ready to be made available.  I’ll be endeavoring to get that completed over this next week during my spare time in the evenings.  I think, I should be able to have it done by Wed.

The updates really are more refinements to existing functionality.  The full list:

  • Enhancement: Edit Shortcuts; added a new option to clean smart characters.
  • Enhancement: Edit Shortcuts (many) have been enable for use with the Task Manager. 
  • Enhancement: MARCNext; Updated the linking tool to enable individual processing in both the UI and the Console program.
  • Enhancement: Application Error message is now in a window that can be copied.
  • Enhancement: RDA Helper; GMD in linking fields will be deleted if the GMD is selected for deletion.
  • Enhancement: Tab Delimited Records; add multiple subfields (without the delimiter character) to pull multiple subfields into the same column.
  • Bug Fixes (miscellaneous).

While these updates represented enhancements to existing functionality, a few of them required significant work to implement – especially bringing some of the Edit Shortcuts into the task manager.  That required a significant rethinking of how these “shortcuts” get run to fit within the task infrastructure – but I think that I’ve got these set.  I will point out, that not all the edit shortcuts have been enabled.  In the task manager, you will see placeholders for the Clean Smart Characters and the Math Functions.  These were not integrated yet into the tool – I’ll complete these with an update around the same time I update the Mac version of MarcEdit – but I put this out now because folks on the listserv wanted the Clean Smart Characters function sooner than later.   

I’ve create a couple of videos to note the new functionality.  These should give a better idea as to how these refinements have been implemented and give users a good idea of how these changes are made manifest.  Please see the videos below.

If you want to download the update, you should be able to download via MarcEdit’s automated updating mechanism or through manual download at

Questions?  Feel free to let me know.