MarcEdit 5.0 update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Alrighty — I’ve posted a new update to MarcEdit 5.0.  And for those wondering — I’m going to be moving the version number to 5.1 by ALA and out of beta the program will come.  At this point, we are no longer finding problems in the application — the only holdup has been documentation creation and I can say that I am finished with the docs.  I’ll start uploading them over the next couple of weeks.

So new to this upload:

  1. UI changes — the program now contains the ability for users to cancel processes within the MARC Tools window.  I’ll be extending this threading to other functions over the next few weeks — so this is a good first look at how this works
  2. This is a biggy…I modified the program so users can now define the program temp path.  Within the preferences — there is now an option for setting the program’s temp path — this is useful for folks that will be processing really large files and has a secondary storage area that can be used for this processing.  I’ve been checking functions to make sure this all works — but I still have a few left to look over.  I’m assuming that they will work given that all the others have worked — but if you run into some strange behaviors — let me know and I’ll get them quickly taken care of.
  3. Temp file management — this is another biggy.  The program now manages temp file usage much better than before.  In previous versions, temp files were not always removed after process (especially if a process was interrupted).  Now they always will be.

As always, the program can be downloaded from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.