MarcEdit 7 Upgrade Advisor

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This post is related to the: MarcEdit and the Windows XP Sunsetting conversation

I’ll be updating this periodically, but I wanted to make this available now.  One of the biggest changes related to MarcEdit 7, is that I’m interested in building against an updated version of the .NET framework.  Tentatively, I’m looking to build against the 4.6 framework, but would be open to building against the 4.5.2 framework.  To allow users to check their local systems, and provide me with feedback — I’m including an upgrade advisor.   This will be updated periodically as my plans related to MarcEdit 7 come into shape.

You can find the upgrade advisor under the Help menu item on the Main MarcEdit Window.

Upgrade Advisor Window:





As I’ve noted, my plan is to build against the 4.6 .NET Framework.  This version of the .NET framework is supported on Windows Vista-Windows 10.